shopaholic-area hereby presents our top few beloved customers!

GOLD-members of the blogshop!
These loyal customers not only bought a lot of items from this blogshop, but their attitude and everything is superb! And i really enjoy working with them :)
So the people below will enjoy a 10% discount for EVERYTHING they will be buying in the future from this store! :D
And they are:
-- zhiting
-- karmy
-- abbie

SILVER members
The names that appear here may not have bought alota items from this store, but i enjoy working together with them! Loyal customers :)
These people will enjoy at least a 5% discount off EVERYTHING they buy from the blogshop :D
Let's welcome our new members:
-- sinyi

VIP members for overseas buyers:
They will enjoy a 5% discount for all items!
Let's welcome:
- marianne

and hopefully, more to come! :D

[ list will be updated after every spree :D ]