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If you are one with broad shoulders, BE GLAD!

Broad shoulders are what nearly every girl is hoping for, and if you noticed, most models have broad shoulders. These girls are normally referred to as "clothes hangers" because they are suited to wear almost every kind of clothes - their shoulders are able to support the clothes and bring out the style perfectly.

However, if you feel like downplaying your broad shoulders, here are some of the ways you can do so:
1. Wear tops or dresses with cap or flutter sleeves so that they will narrow the appearance of your shoulders, while still showing most of your arms.
2. Wear a v-neck top/dress, or if your body allows, wear a deeper-V neckline top/dress! This will draw attention toward the center of your body, and away from your shoulders.
3. Wear vertical stripes, which downplay the appearance of full shoulders. People will tend to look up and down instead of side to side.
4. Find jackets that fall to the hip instead of the waist. Do wear long coats and tops. If you wear something long on your top half it helps to draw the eye downwards, therefore taking the focus off your shoulders.
5. Soften the shoulders and make the body appear longer and leaner overall by wearing an entire outfit that's all the same color. Darker clothing on top will also help achieve this look.
6. Wear accessories such as interesting buttons & bangles so that they will help to divert attention away from your shoulders.
7. Short hair that doesn't hit the shoulders is a good choice. (alternatively, you can tie it up!)
8. Do wear simple silhouettes and dark colors on top. If you have nice toned hips, consider wearing light colored and detailed bottoms to draw attention to your smaller area.
9. Do wear long necklaces and narrow scarves to help draw the eye downwards.
10. Wear looser fitted shirts! But of course you don't want anything overly baggy hiding all your good points! But a beautiful silky blouse or a dolman sleeved sweater will give off the illusion of small shoulders. Anything that flows at your top area will be a great concealer and you'll look lovely and feminine while doing it!

What you should NOT do if you want to downplay your broad shoulders:
1. Avoid strapless or halter tops as they will put your shoulders on display.
2. Become aware of the triangle created by your shoulders and waist, and dress accordingly. Try not to wear tops that will narrow your waist-lines because it will only make your shoulders look bigger in comparison. In other words, try not to wear tops that "stick to your waist".
3. Avoid tops/dresses with thin straps as well!
4. Don't draw attention to your shoulders with shiny fabrics, loud prints, overly bright colors, or shoulder detailing. Jackets with epaulettes are best avoided.

Despite all, I would advise girls with broad shoulders to consider showing off your broad shoulders. In my opinion, downplaying of broad shoulders should be done only if your broad shoulders are not proportionate to the rest of your body - small hips etc. It is not necessary to hide your broad shoulders!

Tip for all:
Don't slouch! Standing up straight makes your entire body look better, no matter what your proportions.
Never slouch in an attempt to try and hide, or disguise broad shoulders. Poor posture never looks attractive and it typically makes clothing look ill fitting. Simply pick flattering clothes and stand proud, you'll appear much more attractive because you will look confident.
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